The Aspen Center for Physics is a Colorado nonprofit corporation. Its purpose as stated in its Bylaws is to promote “organized research in physics, astrophysics, and related fields through a program of individual and collaborative research, seminars, workshops, and conferences, or through other appropriate means; [and to promote] the scientific education of the general public through public lectures and other appropriate activities.”

The Aspen Center for Physics is operated for scientists by scientists with only a very small administrative staff. It operates with a staff expense of less than 15% of its budget because of the incredible effort put in by its volunteer Members, Trustees, and Officers who donate hundreds of hours each year to keep the science at the Center at the forefront of physics. They select the scientific programs and participants, obtain funding, select staff and oversee all aspects of the Center’s activities.


The Center has Members, Trustees, and Officers who have different legally defined roles in its operations. The General Members, up to 80 in number, set the scientific program, select the participants, determine the overall policies for the Center’s program and operations, and elect the Trustees and new General Members as specified in the Bylaws and described in more detail below. 

The Trustees are the board of directors of the corporation as defined in Colorado law. They are responsible for managing the operations and finances of the Center within the policies set by the General Members, and in a way consistent with the Bylaws. The Trustees elect the corporate Officers to handle the actual operations, and may appoint additional Administrative Officers to handle specific administrative responsibilities. 

The Center also has Honorary Members and Honorary Trustees who may participate in the activities of the General Members and Trustees, but do not vote at meetings. These are most often past Members or Officers who have contributed particularly strongly to the Center and maintain an active interest in contributing to its program and operations.

Learn more about the evolution of the governance structure in this article: “The History and Structure of the Aspen Center for Physics: Some Comments” by Randy Durand here.

“If there is a heaven for scientists, it probably is modeled on the Aspen Center for Physics.”


Hirosi Ooguri

Chair of the Board

Matthias Troyer


Amanda Jenkins

Administrative Vice President

Vicky Kalogera

Vice President

Zoltan Ligeti

Vice President

Vijay Balasubramanian

Corporate Secretary

Laura Reina

Scientific Secretary

Suvi Gezari

Assistant Scientific Secretary

Qimiao Si


Ilya Mandel

Assistant Treasurer