Programs For Physicists

Winter Conferences

Dec 10 - Apr 5

Each winter, ACP hosts between six and eight week-long conferences that focus on the latest developments in physics and adjacent fields. These conferences have a typical attendance of about 80-100. Join us for a week of physics in the snowy mountains of Aspen, Colorado! Conferences include morning and evening meetings with a “ski break” in the middle of the day.

Summer Workshops

May 26 - Sept 15

We offer summer workshops ranging from two to four weeks long in biophysics, astrophysics and cosmology, high energy physics and particle physics, and condensed matter physics. Each year, around 600 scientists from around the world visit the Center to explore unanswered questions about the Universe during our summer program. We encourage physicists to come to the summer workshops with their families.

Individual Research

May 26 - Sept 15

Discover & connect on your own terms. The Center’s summer program includes ample unstructured time, for cross-pollination, informal discussions, and cross-pollination. We invite you to concentrate on individual research and the informal exchange of ideas! Applicants in this category are given as much consideration as those applying for a workshop.

“If there is a heaven for scientists, it probably is modeled on the Aspen Center for Physics.”

Acknowledging the Center

A participant who worked on any publication while at the Center should include the Aspen Center for Physics and its National Science Foundation (NSF) support in the Acknowledgments. Recipients of Simons Foundation support, as well as Sloan Foundation support, should acknowledge that support as well.

Now Streaming: Colloquia

2023 Colloquia

The 2023 Colloquia features the following videos:

  • Theoretical Physics and Artificial Intelligence with Andrey Gromov
  • Fun with Spins: Quantum Spin Solids and Liquids with Andriy Nevidomskyy
  • Cosmic Alchemy in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy with Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz
  • Opportunities Strike: Advancements and Prospects in High Energy Physics with Zhen Liu
  • Dark Sectors: From Theory to Accelerator Experiments and Beyond with Stefania Gori
  • Floquet Engineering in the Era of Topological Physics and Quantum Coherent Devices with Gil Refael
  • How the Brain Maps Space with Vijay Balasubramanian
  • and more!
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Support the Future of Physics

The Aspen Center for Physics is a non-profit Colorado corporation operated for scientists by scientists with a small administrative staff. Officers, trustees, and general members select programs and participants, guide funding, select staff and oversee all aspects of the Center’s activities. To maintain corporate memory, honorary members and trustees continue to advise the board and serve the Center after their elected terms are over. The Center is governed by a volunteer board of a maximum of 80 general members and nine trustees who are guided by its by-laws.