Meet Our Staff

Amanda Jenkins

Administrative Vice President

Amanda Jenkins is the Administrative Vice President of Aspen Center for Physics, a 60-year-old nonprofit which brings over 1,000 physicists to Aspen each year. She came to the Center in 2016 as Finance Manager. Her ability to undertake the complexity of fund accounting, work with grantors, and collaborate with the community of physicists clearly demonstrated her qualifications for the VP position, which she moved into in 2017.

Amanda has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Alabama where she studied finance, economics, and investment management. Before moving to Aspen, Amanda worked as a grant accountant at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in “Music City” (Nashville, TN).

In 2013, Amanda moved across the country to Aspen with her husband, Thomas, and dog, Hank. She spent her first winter managing a ski shop to learn all about this new sport that wasn’t accessible in the Southeast. Before coming to the Center, she was the office manager and accountant for a luxury construction company in Aspen.

With the help of her small staff and contractors, Amanda manages the four-acre campus, obtains housing rentals for the participants, and oversees the administration and Board.