How We Support Physicists


All physicists staying in ACP-arranged housing during the summer program receive a subsidy from our NSF grant to reduce lodging expenses. During winter conferences support varies depending on grants from other entities obtained by the conference organizers and distributed by them.

International Participants

The Simons Foundation generously provides funds to support physicists from countries where science funding is not strong or from economically disadvantaged countries. Applicants who are accepted to the summer program will receive letters of acceptance that include information about Simons funding, if the country in which they work is eligible that year. The Simons grant supports registration fees, shared housing while in Aspen (a separate bedroom in a two- or three-bedroom apartment), and a portion of air travel. The amount of support varies from year to year, but may not cover the complete travel cost.

Early-career Participants

The Shaham and Trustee Funds cover a portion of the ACP registration fees for a limited number of early-career participants. The Block fund supporting one promising young physicist per winter conference is awarded by the conference organizers. The Durand Fund also supports early-career scientists and their families.

Families & Childcare

The Ramond Family Fund and the Paula Johnson Fund provide support for families coming to the summer program for expenses including travel, childcare, and activities.  Please indicate in your application if you would like to be considered for family support.

“I am profoundly grateful for ACP’s financial support, especially in assisting minority postdocs like myself. Their commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the field is truly commendable, and I am honored to be a beneficiary of their generosity.”

– Nicholas Fernandez, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, 2023

How You Can Make An Impact

  • Annual FundDesignated by the Board of Trustees to further Center programs.
  • Bicycle FundSupports the fleet of bicycles which are available free to physicists.
  • Block Award FundNamed in honor of Martin and Beate Block, is a prized award given to one promising junior physicist during each winter conference.
  • The Paula Johnson Family Support FundEases the financial burden of bringing physicists’ families to Aspen and provides support where needed, including childcare assistance and family activities.
  • Ramond Family FundGoes to young families to enjoy their time together in Aspen.
  • Durand FundSupports young physicists and their families.
  • Shaham FundGiven to a young physicist in memory of the late Jacob Shaham.
  • Tree FundSupports our effort to replace old aspen trees and develop a mixed forest.
  • Trustee FundFor young physicists and honors late former trustees of the Center.