Restaurants and Food

Aspen offers a wide range of food options, but it can be quite expensive. We recommend going to the grocery store when you arrive to get snacks or sack lunches for when you want to hang at the Center for extended periods. We do not have a cafeteria on campus, and we also do not have vending machines. We will provide limited snacks in the morning and some afternoons, but we recommend you bringing snacks.

Restaurants for large groups are also hard to come by. We’ll recommend a few when you arrive for your winter conference that we’ve called in advance. Always ask in advance if they will be able to split checks – many cannot, so it’s good to coordinate with your group with venmo/cash.

Restaurants & Cafes

Please refer to our ACP Restaurant Guide here for more information about local restaurants.

We also recommend the local website to find out more information about restaurants in Aspen. typically contains more updated information than TripAdvisor or Yelp. Restaurants change very frequently in Aspen, and because it is such a seasonal town, restaurants may have seasonal closures.

Grocery & Convenience Stores

  • City Market
    • Aspen’s general grocery store
  • Clark’s Market
    • Another general grocery store, can be more expensive than City Market. Has more alternative (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan) options
  • Carl’s Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy and general store with medicines, cosmetics, art supplies, a children’s floor with toys and games, and a snack shop

On-Mountain Dining

Please see Aspen Snowmass’ website here for all of the on-mountain dining options.
  • Aspen Mountain
    • Don’t miss the Apple Strudel at Bonnie’s! The ramen at the Sundeck is quite good, and a large portion as well!
  • Snowmass Mountain
    • There are a handful of restaurants on Snowmass Mountain. Alpin Room is the newest addition, and features lovely Alsatian home cooking.
  • Highlands
    • The Merry-Go-Round is the go-to cafeteria-style dining option. You can also book a special experience at Cloud 9.
  • Buttermilk
    • The Mongolian BBQ at the top of the mountain restaurant, called the Cliff House, is wonderful and customizable. At the base, at the newly remodeled “Bumps,” we recommend pizza, pasta, or their homemade soups. There is also Home Team BBQ located inside The Inn at Aspen at the base of Buttermilk.