Local Transportation

Walking Around Town

Aspen is a walkable and pedestrian friendly town with numerous flashing crosswalk signs and roads with no thru traffic, making it easy to get around town safely.

During the winter, we highly recommend bringing stabilizers (like YakTrax) or hiking boots. The roads can get very icey, and these are incredibly useful. We recommend purchasing them in advance, as it will be less expensive than purchasing them in Aspen.

It also gets dark early at night, and you might consider bringing a headlamp. It is recommended to walk without your hands in your pockets for balance, so we also recommend bringing gloves.

In addition, there are numerous resources for local transportation:
  • Downtowner App is a free ride service in the downtown core of Aspen, subsidized by the City of Aspen. It’s a great way to get from the Center to the middle of town or gondola. It does not go to the airport or the Aspen Meadows.
  • RFTA is a free bus system between Aspen and Snowmass. The Crosstown Shuttle picks up one block away from the Center and goes downtown. All other buses will stop at 8th St. and Main St. which is about 2 blocks away from the Center. Use the Transit App or Google Maps to plan your trip. (Click the “bus” icon for public transportation options.)
  • High Mountain Taxi. We recommend High Mountain Taxi for taxi service to the airport, if you prefer that to the free bus. They may not operate early in the morning, and there may be a long wait at peak times & holidays.
  • Uber and Lyft have a few cars in the Aspen area — but are not as frequent as in major cities. They are typically unreliable and expensive.
  • Rental cars are available at the Aspen Airport.
  • Turo is a car-sharing service.
  • Use the PayByPhone App or the parking meters when parking in town.
  • Learn more about parking at the City of Aspen site here.
  • Please get a parking pass from ACP Front Desk for our parking lot when you arrive.