The Aspen Center for Physics requires that participants stay at the Center for a minimum of two full working weeks, with stays of three and four weeks encouraged and stays of five weeks possible. A small and strictly limited number of one-week stays are allowed each summer to enable attendance by physicists who are not able to participate for two weeks or longer because of professional or personal commitments such as laboratory management or childcare/eldercare arrangements. You may apply for either a one-week stay or a stay of two weeks or more. Please also see our resources for bringing your family to Aspen here.

One-Week Applicants

If you apply to our summer program for one-week only, your application will only be considered for a one-week stay. There will be a strictly limited number of one-week stays accepted by the admissions committee. If you apply for and are accepted for two or more weeks, you will not be able to reduce your stay to one-week after the application deadline has passed.

Applicants who request a one-week stay may provide any information in the comments that they would like the admissions committee to take into consideration.

Two or More Week Applicants

If you apply to our summer program for two or more weeks and are accepted, you can rest assured that you will be accepted for a minimum of two weeks.

Those applying for two or more weeks should commit to spending the full working weeks at the Center. Late arrival/early departure, except due to circumstances beyond your control, will lead to a loss of your entire NSF housing subsidy.

“It was especially fortunate that I was able to attend for 3 weeks and thus was able to participate fully (…). I really felt like I had the time to make genuine connections with the other attendees. With this time, we were able to start collaborations and get them past the crucial transition from passing conversations to concrete visions.”

– Jessica Howard