Summer participants are housed in fully furnished apartments rented by the Center in various locations in Aspen and Snowmass Village. Participants attending the program with a companion/family are housed in entire apartments with size based on family needs. Participants attending by themselves can choose to be placed in an one-bedroom, studio, or shared housing.


Cooking / Kitchens

Aside from a few studios that have only a microwave and refrigerator, the Center’s apartments have full kitchens equipped with all the basics. Eating at restaurants can be prohibitively expensive in Aspen. We recommend going to the grocery store at the onset of your stay and bringing sack lunches.

There are grocery stores in Aspen and Snowmass with wide selections of groceries and prepared food, allowing participants the cost, health, and convenience benefits of cooking for themselves during their stay. There is also a lunch truck that visits the Center each weekday. ACP has also compiled a list of restaurant suggestions for our physicists here.


The town of Aspen is small and walkable. Snowmass Village has an excellent free shuttle system, and walkable, though hilly. The Center has a fleet of bicycles for use by participants and their companions and families. Please see our local transportation guide here for more information.

Shared Housing

For participants coming to Aspen without companions or family, we offer same-gender or mixed-gender shared housing, a private room and, in most cases, private bathroom in a 2-4 bedroom condo shared with other participants. This is the most economical housing option we provide. Many participants find the professional and social interactions in shared housing to be a very positive and unique part of their experience. In rare cases, participants on their own who have requested private housing (a studio or one-bedroom apartment) may be assigned to shared housing due to lack of availability of the required apartment type. Partners and significant others may not stay in shared housing. If you are planning to have a partner or significant other join you during your time here, you need to choose a housing option other than “shared” during registration.

Special Housing Needs

If you have any special housing needs related to sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, or other considerations, please indicate this on your registration. We maintain the confidentiality of our participant records.