Meet Our Staff

Thomas Azar

Property and Bicycle Manager

Thomas Azar came to the Aspen Center for Physics in 2019 as the Bicycle Manager.  Thomas has taken the initiative to make many campus improvements over the years and quickly took on a Property Manager role for the Center. 

Thomas has a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and an A.A. in nursing. Thomas played collegiate soccer and is still passionate about the sport. He also spent two years in culinary school. 

Thomas worked as a Registered Nurse at Aspen Valley Hospital where he was passionate about taking care of people and building them back up after life threatening illnesses. A turn of events with a health scare forced Thomas to focus on himself before dedicating time to his patients and he made the tough decision to leave nursing.

Over the years, Thomas has been updating the Center’s bike fleet using participant bike donations. During our summer program, Thomas would be happy to help you find the right bike for your needs. He can add a child’s trailer to your bike and make adjustments for you and your family to ride comfortably during your stay in Aspen and Snowmass. Thomas is usually around campus during the early part of the week. If you do not see him on campus, please ask someone at the front desk for help and if we cannot help, we will tell you when Thomas will be back.

Thomas skis over 100 days a year and is a ski ambassador at Aspen Highlands. In the summer, you can find Thomas playing disc golf with Hank chasing every frisbee he throws.