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Loyal (Randy) Durand

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Loyal Durand is an emeritus professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has been involved with the Aspen Center for Physics since 1962, and has lived full time in Aspen since 2011. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Yale: B.S. in 1953 and Ph. D. in 1957 with Gregory Breit. He was also on the faculty at Yale from 1961-1965 before moving to Wisconsin as a full professor in 1965. His research has ranged over a number of areas within theoretical particle physics — scattering problems from 1 eV to 10^15 eV, bound state problems, structure functions, strong interactions, and very high energy neutrino scattering, among other areas.

He also works on the theory of special functions, fractional Lie operators, and integral transforms. Randy has been involved with the Aspen Center for Physics since the first day it opened in 1962, chaired the executive committee 1968-1972, served as the second president of the Center from 1972 to 1976, was a trustee from its incorporation in 1968 until 1980, and has been an honorary trustee since 1980, continuing to be active in various roles.

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Positions Held

Trustee, 1968 – 1980
President, 1972 – 1976
General Member, 1990 – 1999
Honorary Member, 1999 – 2006
Honorary Trustee, 1980 – current

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Particle Physics: The Early Years

By Loyal (Randy) Durand

The early program at the Center (then the Physics Division of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies) was very informal. There were no organized workshops, and people came when it fit their schedules and housing was available...

The History and Structure of the Aspen Center for Physics: Some Comments

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The Center started as a division of the Aspen Institute in 1962, but some members of the Institute’s rather conservative board thought we didn’t fit in after their operating head (Bob Craig, one of the most promising 100 young organizer/CEO types in the country according to Life Magazine, and a science promoter in the Institute, […]

Loyal (Randy) Durand, President, 1972-1976

Presidential Essay from Randy Durand

By Loyal (Randy) Durand

I will start somewhat before the beginning of my term as President to make clear the rapid changes that were taking place in the Physics Center through the transition period, and their influence on the subsequent development of the Center.