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Erica Carlson

Purdue University

Erica Carlson, Purdue University

Erica W. Carlson, Ph.D., is Professor of Physics at Purdue University. Prof. Carlson holds a BS in Physics from the California Institute of Technology (1994), as well as a Ph.D. in Physics from UCLA (2000). Prof. Carlson researches electronic phase transitions in quantum materials. In 2015, she was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society “for theoretical insights into the critical role of electron nematicity, disorder, and noise in novel phases of strongly correlated electron systems and predicting unique characteristics.” Prof. Carlson has been on the faculty at Purdue University since 2003, where she was recently named a “150th Anniversary Professor” in recognition of teaching excellence. Her latest work popularizing science can be found at and

Erica Carlson, Purdue University

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