Meet Our Physicists

Chandra Varma

Chandra Varma is a theoretical condensed matter physicist. He worked for 35 years in the theoretical physics department at Bell Laboratories, including 4 years as department head and 20 years as a distinguished member of staff. He also spent 14 years as Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Riverside. Varma is currently Emeritus Distinguished Professor at Riverside and visiting Professor at Berkeley.

He is a member of the American Physical Society, an American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow, a Fellow of World Academy of Sciences, Lorentz Professor 2000, and Professeur visitant, College de France 1997. He was also a Miller Professor at Berkeley in 2010. Varma was awarded the Bardeen prize in 2012 for his prediction of anisotropic superconductivity and theory of its promotion by antiferro-magnetic fluctuations.

Positions Held

General Member, 2016 – current