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Campus Dog

Hank, the campus dog

Hank is a true Southern gentleman, born in Virginia in 2010 and raised in North Carolina. He also lived in Tennessee and has family in Alabama and Mississippi. Hank began stealing hearts as a puppy with his big brown eyes, floppy ears, and playful demeanor. 

Hank is a trained pet therapy dog at Aspen Valley Hospital. He has been warming hearts at the Aspen Center for Physics since 2016 and has a budding social life in the Aspen community. You can find Hank lounging at the front desk or traipsing through the campus ditches with physicist’s children in the summer.

Hank loves getting attention from everyone and especially loves to play with children who do not pull on his luscious locks of hair. Hank has a M.A. in begging for delicious morsels, but we ask that you please not feed him because it will make him sick.

Hank’s favorite activities are chasing frisbees, frolicking in the mountains, swimming, and leaning on humans.

Hank, the campus dog