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Public Lecture

Artificial Intelligence: Ideas from Nature

David Berman

University of London

Wed, Jan 17, 5:30–6:30pm

Flug Forum, Aspen Center for Physics


We are now in the midst of an AI revolution. This talk will describe how many of the ideas underpinning AI come from diverse realms of physics and how nature has constantly provided us with ideas for new AI methods and techniques. The talk will cover the AI basics while forging links to a range of ideas in physics such as diffusion, annealing, magnetism, quantum field theory and the world of statistical physics. We will end with a look to the future for both AI and physics and imagine where this symbiotic relationship could lead.

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About David Berman

David Berman has been professor of theoretical physics at Queen Mary University of London since 2004; before that he was a research fellow at the University of Cambridge. He holds a PhD from University of Durham and has worked as a research fellow at the Universities of Utrecht, Groningen and Jerusalem. He is known for his work in String theory and M-theory, in particular his contributions to new geometric formulations of M-theory. He is also known for his work in media and for his engagement with artists and sculptors who are inspired by the ideas in contemporary physics. Over the last six years, he has been applying ideas from physics to artificial intelligence. He currently holds the position of head of AI for Cambridge Consultants.

Nick and Maggie DeWolf Public Lecture Series

The Nick and Maggie DeWolf Foundation has sponsored our winter public lecture series since their inception in 1985. The Nick and Maggie DeWolf Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Aspen, Colorado. Its core tenet is to provide support to groups and organizations interested in improving the quality of life and education in the world. During the winter, Aspen Center for Physics hosts week-long conferences, and during each conference one of the conference participants is asked to give a public physics talk. You can watch past talks on our YouTube channel here.

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