Physics Center grounds with Flug Forum in the background

The Aspen Center for Physics
celebrates 50 years

Did you know...

  • 10,000 physicists have come to Aspen to ponder, argue, and discover the new ideas that underlie advances in science and technology
  • 52 Nobel Laureates have participated
  • 65 countries have been represented
  • The concept for arXiv was born here
  • Nearly 10,000 journal articles, books and proceedings have been published citing the Center for contributions in particle physics, condensed matter physics, astrophysics, cosmology, biophysics, mathematics, gravitational wave physics, nonlinear dynamics and other physics?related sciences.

  • The Aspen Center for Physics strives to maintain a summer atmosphere free of everyday demands where working physicists can explore their own and other fields for the pure joy of science and discovery. The winter conferences focus on specific topics but provide the physicists with opportunities for informal discussion and exploration.

    The Aspen community, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, NASA, and dozens of corporate, university, and individual sponsors have supported the Center so that the physicists can work on the pivotal issues that have affected and will affect humanity's concept of its world. The Aspen Center for Physics is an institution run by physicists for physicists to ensure that the simple concept that guided the last 50 years will remain unchanged: fine minds in an atmosphere of creative freedom.

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ACP is now an American Physical Society Historic Physics Site

For 50 years physicists have been meeting in the Rockies to work through current problems in physics and to advance science.

historical plaque

At ACP's 50th Birthday Celebration in July 2012, Robert Byer (right), 2012 President American Physical Society, presented an historical designation plaque to then ACP Board Chair Michael Turner and ACP President Rosemary Wyse.