“I was always reminded of how the collegial and unique opportunity provided by Aspen workshops serves to open the doors to insight and possible future collaborations...I was delighted to hear particle physicists discuss Astronomy, and astrophysicists discuss extensions to the Standard Model of Particle physics, with the knowledge that, a few yards away, there was an expert able to clarify questions and misconceptions.”

Physicists Write: Citing the Aspen Center for Physics

Many publications start, develop and/or are completed at the Aspen Center for Physics.

One of the Center's goals is to provide uninterrupted time for scientists to use to accomplish their goals. Sometimes the physicist's agenda includes collaborations, attending talks, seeking information from colleagues in other fields. Sometimes the goal is to have time to write. Or to think. All of these activities contribute to the hundreds of publications the Center is able to foster each year.

Click on the year links to the left to find lists of journal articles, books and other publications that were in part or whole developed at the Center: