“The Center has an ideal working environment for scientists—one that is unparalleled in the US—and has systematically developed the infrastructure, staff support and organization to ensure this for its participants. As a woman scientist in theoretical cosmology and as a faculty member in a small physics department at an undergraduate teaching–oriented school, I cannot overstate the importance of being at the ACP workshop this summer.”

2013 Publications Acknowledging the Aspen Center for Physics

Matt Benacquista describes the writing environment at the Center:

Over the course of two summers, the Aspen Center for Physics was instrumental in the completion of my textbook “An Introduction to the Evolution of Single and Binary Stars.” The environment at the Center is conducive to concentration while writing and at the same time it provides stimulation when one needs inspiration. During the first year, I used much of the time for writing, but the opportunity to walk down the hall and discuss finer points of the subjects helped improve the text.

In the following year, I completed the text and worked on polishing and editing, as well as creating the necessary figures. Once again, the environment of the Center was an immense benefit as I could draw on the expertise of fellow participants. In fact, the final figure of the text was made for me by Ladislav Subr who was across the hall from me. This textbook is substantially better because of the interactions available to me at the Aspen Center for Physics.

Matt's book is listed with the 2013 books published that acknowledge the Aspen Center for Physics.