"If there is a heaven for scientists, it probably is modeled on the Aspen Center for Physics."

The Science in Aspen

Watch a video about the Aspen Center for Physics.

Learning about the science in Aspen requires asking the right questions. Non-scientists often want to know what the practical application of a new breakthrough might be. Scientists want to know what the next breakthrough will be. Theoretical physicists are deciphering our world for pure knowledge.

If you click on the link on the left that lists the Science History here at the Center you will see that the work here is about the pursuit of the unknown at a chalkboard with the best minds in the world. It's about advancements in science. It's about making the unknown known.

Julio Navarro, an astrophysicist from the University of Victoria expressed the Aspen experience after his 2013 visit: “ It was refreshing to see how keen people from one discipline were to learn from others. Within two days of arriving, I had been asked by particle theorists to present a broad review of the state of the art of our understanding of the clues provided by astrophysical observations to the nature of dark matter. Throughout the talk and subsequent discussions, I was always reminded of how the collegial and unique opportunity provided by Aspen workshops serves to open the doors to insight and possible future collaborations. During the garden parties, and under the shade of the beautiful Aspen trees, I was delighted to hear particle physicists discuss Astronomy, and astrophysicists discuss extensions to the Standard Model of Particle physics, with the knowledge that, a few yards away, there was an expert able to clarify questions and misconceptions. Overall I rate my experience at Aspen as a refreshing and inspiring one. My only regret? Not having planned to stay in Aspen longer.”

Aspen brings together physicists from over 65 countries, and thanks to a Simons Foundation grant, it is seeking to expand its reach to developing countries. With ideas from different scientific disciplines, different cultures and varying perspectives, top physicists come to discuss, deny, develop, decipher, decode and determine new ideas, possibilities and advances in our scientific knowledge through interacting with fine minds in an atmosphere of creative freedom.