Aspen Center for Physics

“One of the major ingredients for professional success in science is luck. Without this, forget it.” –Leon Lederman

Computing at the Center

ACP Network

Connection information is in your arrival packet. There are both wired and wireless connections at the Center. The network requires each user to authenticate upon initial connection so we are able to control access to our resources. Once you are authenticated, you are given full capabilities to reach the Internet.

By using our network you are agreeing not to do large uploads or downloads during business hours, not do anything illegal or malicious or use our network for sending spam. Should you violate these conditions your internet privileges will be revoked.

IT Assistance

We have limited staff with limited knowledge. You are welcome to ask us for assistance, but may have more success by finding a physicist with a computer similar to yours and asking for IT help. Home institution IT offices have helped many of their own physicists while in Aspen. The staff can provide you with local computer repair and part options.


B/W printers and a color printer, which we ask you to use somewhat sparingly, are available. You can also bring a flash drive to the office for printing. Instructions for connecting to the printers are available near each printer.