Working at the Center

Our campus is located in the northwest corner of the town, between the Aspen Institute and the Aspen Music Festival Tent. It consists of three buildings combining offices, discussion areas, an auditorium, a library, and kitchens. A covered outdoor patio offers space for seminars and discussions, and a large central outdoor space shaded by tall aspen trees provides more discussion areas and picnic tables for lunch. Every participant has his/her own desk in a shared office in one of the three buildings on campus. All buildings have wireless internet and networked printers. Our library has a selection of monographs, reference books, conference proceedings and textbooks. Participants access journals through remote electronic access at their home institution libraries.

The schedule of talks in a workshop is limited to a maximum of three two-hour sessions per week. The workshop talks are open to all interested participants. There is a weekly hour-long colloquium given by one of the participants and attended by all the participants in residence that week. Other weekly events include Monday afternoon tea and a Tuesday dinnertime outdoor picnic, open to participants and their companions and families.

It is hard for me to imagine a different setting with such a concentration of intellect. What's more, I find it remarkable to have had the privilege to freely discuss physics with the leading figures in the field without the interruption of standard academic duties. I strongly feel that such free scientific exchanges are at the core of the progress in our field.