Housing, Food and Getting Around

   Summer participants are housed in fully furnished apartments rented by the Center in various locations within two miles of the Center. Participants attending the program without companions are housed in shared apartments, with each person having a private bedroom and in most cases a private bathroom, while sharing the living area and kitchen with other participants. Participants attending the program with a companion/family are housed in entire apartments with size based on family needs.


Aside from a few studios that have only a microwave and refrigerator, the Center's apartments have full kitchens equipped with all the basics. There are two supermarkets in town with wide selections of groceries and prepared food, allowing participants the cost, health, and convenience benefits of cooking for themselves during their stay. There is also a lunch truck that visits the Center every working day at 12:30 p.m.

Participants do not need a car while in Aspen. The town of Aspen is small and walkable. The Center has a fleet of bicycles for use by participants and their companions and families. Local bus service is frequent and free, with the Cross Town Shuttle line stopping a block from the Center.

Cost Details - 2019

$150/week for shared housing (see information below)
$500/week for a private studio apartment (refrigerator and microwave only)
$700/week for a one-bedroom condo
$850/week for a two-bedroom condo suitable for a family
$1150/week for a three-bedroom condo

These prices are after a $375/week NSF housing subsidy. Note that two-participant couples sharing an apartment each receive the NSF subsidy and split the remaining cost, so that a two-bedroom apartment in summer 2019 would cost each participant in a two-participant couple ($850-$375)/2 = $238 per week.

Shared Housing

For participants coming to Aspen without companions or family, we offer same-gender or mixed-gender shared housing, a private room and, in most cases, private bathroom in a 2-4 bedroom condo shared with other participants. This is the most economical housing option we provide. Many participants find the professional and social interactions in shared housing to be a very positive and unique part of their experience. In rare cases, participants on their own who have requested private housing (a studio or one-bedroom apartment) may be assigned to shared housing due to lack of availability of the required apartment type.

If you have any special housing needs related to sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, or other considerations, please indicate this on your registration.

We maintain confidentiality of our participant records.

Since all of us were not only sharing offices and having lunch together, but also living in the same apartments and spending after work hours together, it meant that over the course of three weeks, a high level of comfort developed between many of the participants. This further allowed us to engage in speculation that may hopefully lead to some new interesting work. I really appreciated the fact that all of us were visitors to the same place and so it was quite natural to spend all of our time together. Such a immersive environment is key for generating new exciting projects.