Summer in Aspen


The Summer Program at Aspen Center for Physics is held from late-May to mid-September. We provide a unique environment for extended discussion and collaborative research of a type not generally possible at shorter workshops and conferences. The Center thus requires that participants stay at the Center for a minimum of two full working weeks, with stays of three and four weeks encouraged and stays of five weeks possible. Read more here to understand how the benefits of long stays far outweigh the costs.

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All participants must apply before the January 31 deadline and must then be accepted. Unfortunately, applications far exceed available spaces. Acceptances are emailed in mid-March. All invited participants are welcome to participate in all workshop sessions held at the Center during their stay.

For past participants

Proper acknowledgement of Aspen Center for Physics in your publications:

  • A participant who worked on any publication while at the Center should include the Aspen Center for Physics and its NSF support in the Acknowledgements. We recommend the following format for acknowledgement in publications resulting from your participation at the Center: "This work was performed at the Aspen Center for Physics, which is supported by National Science Foundation grant PHY-1607611." Note that the NSF grant number depends on the period in which you visited the Center. Replace grant number PHY-1607611 by PHY-1066293 if your work was performed during a visit to the Center in summer 2016 or a previous summer, or during one of the following 2017 winter conferences: Topological Metamaterials, The Dawning Era of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics, and Fast Radio Bursts: New Probes of Fundamental Physics and Cosmology. Use both grant numbers if work was performed in both periods. The phrase, "This work was performed" should be modified as appropriate. Examples include, but are not limited to, "This work was performed in part," "The work of [author subset] ABC and DEF was performed," "This work was initiated," "This work was completed," or "This collaboration was initiated."
  • Recipients of Simons Foundation support should add the following statement to the above: "The participation of A. A. at the Aspen Center for Physics was supported by the Simons Foundation." where A. A. are the initials of the recipient.

"I was reluctant to commit to three weeks.. but there were a host of interesting talks and discussion sessions going on, people I wanted to chat with about science, and then there was my vision of sequestering myself and finally writing a paper...after I got into the rhythm of Aspen life, I realized that there was time to do all three, and no matter which aspect I was focused on at the moment, it was productive..."