This was an example of the serendipity that results from collecting experts at the Center: a question arose during my time at the Center and lo! sitting outside there was the right person to answer it.


Aspen prides itself on offering a quiet place in the summer to do theoretical physics as an individual, a small collaborative group, or in the more formal setting of a workshop. Any physicist may submit a workshop proposal to a committee of physicists composed of Aspen Center for Physics general members. The committee must choose the ideas they believe have the most merit for the following summer. Many factors enter into their decision:

  • Selecting the best science on the most current topics.
  • Scheduling workshops that achieve a balance of fields and maintain an even number of participants throughout the summer, though there are no strict formulas dictating this.
  • Promoting diversity when assembling the proposing team, the list of proposed speakers, and in explaining the benefits of the program.

  • Proposals for winter conferences are considered by a separate Winter Program Committee with the same basic goals as the Summer Program Committee.

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