"I think one of the aspects that makes my experience at the Center different from what I remember from other workshops and conferences is the ease with which I could interact with other participants or, if I so wanted, spend some time thinking by myself on some problem. This is due to the uncluttered schedule, a very nice facility with a layout encouraging interaction and providing office space, and a dedicated staff who organized plenty of occasions to initiate interesting conversations in a relaxing atmosphere. The fact that several workshops on different topics are often run at once provides the possibility to learn about different fields. All these are characteristics which, put together, make the Center unique and irreplaceable."

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700 West Gillespie
Aspen, CO 81611
Telephone +01 970-925-2585
Fax +01 970-920-1167
email: acp@aspenphys.org

Physicists mailing or shipping items to Aspen should have items delivered to the Aspen Center for Physics.

The Aspen Center for Physics Staff

Administrative Vice President
Amanda Jenkins
amanda at aspenphys.org
Finance Manager
Jeremy Fleisher
jeremy at aspenphys.org
Public Communications
Patty Fox
patty at aspenphys.org
Bicycle Manager
Thomas Azar

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