“This was my first visit to the Aspen Center for Physics and to Aspen itself. The natural beauty in town and at the Center was stunning. The clear, dark night skies reminded me why I became an astronomer in the first place.”


The Aspen Center for Physics is able to operate with staff expense at less than 15% of its budget because of the incredible effort put in by its volunteer Board. Hundreds of hours each year are donated by officers, trustees, and committee members to keep the science at the Center at the forefront of physics.

Besides being the administrative overseers of the Center, the Board selects the scientific program, carefully reviews summer applications to select a strong field of physicists, reviews and selects scientific program proposals, works to provide diversity in all aspects of participation at the Center, selects speakers for public lectures and colloquia, manages the Information Technology needs of the Center, prepares grant proposals and oversees grants and other funding and maintains the unique summer balance that allows for creative thought and cross fertilization between fields.

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