"I truly enjoyed meeting other scientists interested in similar questions of cell organization, which they pursue with extremely interdisciplinary approaches, in such a close and laid-back setting. I was introduced to many young scientists who have just started, or are about to start their own research program and this was incredibly exciting to me, as I recognize that these are the people who will become my future colleagues and with whom I now have established excellent relationships, both scientific and social, that I hope will persist into the future ."


Admissions Committee

The composition of the Admissions Committee changes annually. Two representatives of each of the dominant physics' fields plus the chair of the Admissions Committee, the ACP president and staff meet to review summer applications to determine the summer participant list. The committee reports to the general members at the annual meeting.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

This small committee oversees the upkeep of and improvements to the Center's facilities. The committee reports to the general membership and to the trustees on annual improvements and needs, and elicits ideas and recommendations at the summer board meetings.

Campus Planning Committee

This committee is populated as needed. It oversaw the completion of the Smart building and the associated changes in the campus area. If needed, members will be appointed to plan future renovations, to negotiate with appropriate parties on behalf of the Center and to represent the Center in public hearings or other meetings on matters related to the campus and buildings. The committee, if in existence any given year, reports new developments promptly to the President and Executive Committee, and consults with the President/Executive Committee or with the full board on questions which involve a possible change of the policies previously approved by the trustees, or which involve financial commitments by the Center.

Colloquium Committee

This committee finds weekly speakers from among the Center's regular participants to give a colloquium aimed at updating participants in fields other than their own. The colloquia often inspire animated discussions across a spectrum of interests. The committee reports to the general member board during summer meetings.

Community Relations Committee

This committee is populated as needed. It promotes and monitors interactions between the Center and the Aspen community, develops and implements new outreach activities for the Center, and solicits advice from the community. The committee establishes guidelines for the use of the Center's facilities by the Aspen non-profit community and monitors such usage. The committee recommends expenditures in connection with outreach and advisory activities to the President. If there is activity, it reports to the board during summer meetings.

Computer Committee

The Computer Committee develops and recommends computing operations for the Center consistent with its overall policies. It oversees the operation and management of these facilities, including the hiring of IT assistance; adding or replacing computing equipment, software and services; preparing instructions for the physicists' network and printing use; and assisting the staff with their computer needs. The committee reports annually to the general members.

Development Committee

This committee is populated as needed. It establishes guidelines for meeting future financial needs.

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee fosters efforts of the Center to encourage participation from traditionally under-represented groups. The committee annually reports to the general members.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consults with and advises the ACP President.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the ACP treasurer in financial management of the Center. The Finance Committee addresses current monetary concerns that could include funding, grant issues, hiring an auditor, financial statement review, budgets, future planning, endowment issues, and other needs.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee reviews the Center's informal endowment and restricted fund investment and makes recommendations to the trustees about where and how to invest.

Library Committee

The Library Committee supervises the operation of the library. This includes the acquisition of books and journals, consultations with the librarian, and recommendations for improvements and changes. With the advent of online journal acquisition, the committee focuses on book acquisitions as requested by participating physicists or as needs arise, or to keep the collection current. It also assists in online journal acquisition if a participant requires assistance. The committee annually reports to the general members.

Long-Range Planning Committee

This committee is not filled every year. When ideas or needs arise that affect the long-term plans of the Center in areas not covered by the Campus Planning Committee or the Scientific Planning Committee, the Long-Range Planning Committee is activated.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee reviews potential ACP board members and makes recommendations to the board. General members elect trustees, who elect officers. General members also elect and grant additional terms for general members and honorary members. The committee annually reports to the general members.

NSF Grant Renewal Committee

The NSF Grant Renewal Committee has been formed every five years in the past, but may be used more frequently if NSF policy changes. The committee consists of board members from each discipline, the treasurer, president and a committee chair who together write the 15- to 20-page NSF grant proposal due at each new grant cycle. A rigorous review process ensures member consensus of the final proposal.

Presidential Search Committee

This committee is populated every three years to recommend the best leadership for the Center. The group takes into account representation from a variety of fields and the talents needed to complete the presidential duties anticipated in the next three years. The Search Committee recommends qualified candidates to the Nominations Committee.

Scientific Planning Committee

This committee is populated as needed to explore future directions and scope of the scientific activities of the Center.

Summer Program Committee

The Summer Program Committee reviews the workshop proposals for the summer program. Members choose the most appropriate workshops and develop a schedule distributing them through the summer, allowing for diversity of fields and representation of current and dynamic research. The committee annually reports to the general members.

Summer Public Lecture Committee

The Summer Public Lecture Committee solicits speakers, usually from the summer and winter participants, for free public lectures and dialogues to further the Center's educational and outreach activities and to promote public interest in physics. These talks are geared to a non-scientific audience. The committee annually reports to the general members.

Winter Program Committee

The committee selects a program of winter meetings from proposals on topics of current research interest. Organizers of each conference then solicit appropriate funding for support of the meetings, invite speakers, and select participants within general Center policy guidelines. The committee recommends topics for the following year's winter meetings and makes any new recommendations on policy to the general members at their annual meetings. The committee annually reports to the general members.