“Physics isn't a religion. If it were, we'd have a much easier time raising money.” –Leon Lederman


The Summer Before

  • Send a short descriptive paragraph to the Center for our website and your poster which will be printed during the August preceding the conference. We will send you a proof of the poster before it is printed. Once posters have been printed, we will send you a small supply and also a pdf for you to distribute and post. We send paper and/or email posters to over 700 institutions and do a blast email with posters attached to over 7000 physicists.
  • Let the Center know what information you would like on your online conference application. Application forms contain basic contact information. You might also ask for:
    • Talk or poster offers - Both? Prefer a poster or a talk? Abstract?
    • Support needed? - The Center provides a small amount of support for you to distribute. You may also do some fund raising on your own.
    • Research -useful if you are oversubscribed and need to make decisions about who can participate
    • Publications - also useful if you need to cut down the participant list
    • Other information specific to your conference.
    The online application goes up in September. We need to know your needs in August so we can do the programming.
  • If you would like extra money to support early-career physicists or for a poster session, start fundraising. If you would like to apply to government funding sources, it may be preferable to submit your request through the Aspen Center for Physics to avoid conflicts of interest. If you would like to find corporate funding, you may arrange that ndependently.

    Late Fall

    As soon as your application closes (usually around Oct. 31st) or at any time you request, we will provide a list of your applicants and their responses to the items you requested be listed on your conference application. You will decide which applicants to accept and provide that list to the Center. We will then send out acceptance emails with instructions for registering, getting a hotel room and information about travel.

    Travel, Housing, Meals

  • Participants arrange their own travel. They will receive arrival information via email after you have accepted them. They can also review the Winter pages on this website.
  • The Center holds blocks of rooms for each conference at the Aspen Meadows Hotel. This is within walking distance of the ACP and they provide a shuttle from the Meadows to the ACP and to town. The rooms are large, so sharing a room is both comfortable and economical. Breakfast and internet access are included in the room rate. Rates vary from about $136 for a shared room plus taxes and resort fees to $260 for your own room, plus taxes and resort fees. Children 12 years and younger are complimentary. This cost includes a full buffet breakfast at the Meadows but not at other hotels. Participants, once accepted, can go on the ACP website to find a roommate and make their hotel reservations directly.

    Please keep in mind that we have a limited block of rooms reserved at the Aspen Meadows and it is critical that the conference fills the room block, or the Center is financially responsible for any shortfall in Meadows reservations.To preserve the character of the Aspen winter conferences, participants should know that they are expected to stay for the entire week. Our conference meeting room holds a maximum of 100 people, however, the number of participants in a winter conference usually ranges between 70 and 80.
  • Meals Lunches are on your own. You can arrange with the Center for one or more banquet dinners at the Meadows that will be added to the room rate. The dinner/banquet charge is roughly $65. Traditionally, there is a banquet on Thursday night and feedback from participants indicates that they want one more group dinner early in the conference to allow time to get acquainted. On other nights, we will suggest a particular restaurant that offers a free appetizer to the physicists where participants can gather. If you would like to have any additional group dinners at the Meadows, please let the Center know which night(s) so we can include it in the lodging reservation form.

    Other Planning Needs

  • Schedule of Talks Organizers prepare their program of talks and plan any poster sessions. At least two weeks before your conference, please email your schedule of talks so that we can copy it and include it in the participant packets. The usual conference schedule is daily talks starting between 8:00 and 8:30 and ending between 10:30 and 11:00 with afternoon sessions from 4:00 or 4:30 and until 7:00 or 7:30. The Center provides a cocktail reception the evening before your first morning meetings. This reception should be on your schedule for 5pm to 7pm. On Wednesday (or a different day if you are not on the usual Sunday-Friday conference schedule) we have the Physics Cafe and Public Lecture, so there is no afternoon session on Wednesday.
  • Public Lecture Each winter conference provides a lecturer for a free public lecture and two enthusiastic physicists for an informal Cafe. As early as possible in the fall, please choose one of your illustrious participants to speak on Wednesday at 5:30 to a non-scientific audience of 200 to 300 people. You will need someone to introduce the speaker. An hour before the public lecture, at 4:30, two physicists interact in a casual setting at a Physics Cafe co-sponsored by the Aspen Science Center. Both events are held in the Wheeler Opera House in the town center.
  • Financial Matters The registration fee is $400 and includes no meals. We do provide morning and evening coffee breaks. We contribute NSF participant support in the form of 10 – $500 awards to be used to support housing costs for ten physicists. We ask if applicants need support on our winter applications. You can recommend ten recipients, which will be reviewed by our Support Committee. This is done before acceptance letters are mailed so that all support applicants will know how much support they will get. The family of Martin Block, who started the winter conferences in 1985, has established a $500 award to be given to a young, promising physicist that you select during your conference when you are in Aspen. This award will be presented at the banquet on Thursday (or banquet day you designate) by the conference organizers.