Aspen Center for Physics

“Physicists define stress as force per unit area. The rest of humanity defines stress as physics. –Unknown

Organizer Duties While You Are in Aspen

Available Equipment

Computing – Free wireless access and printers are available to participants at the Center. There is no access to the ACP network from outside the Center.

AV Equipment – We have an LCD projector, which is compatible with all computers. There is also a switcher, which will allow you to connect up to four computers to the projector for faster presentation between talks.


We provide coffee breaks, discount lift ticket sales and general assistance. You manage your sessions and extracurricular activities.

Possibilities for Group Activities

We can help you plan events here at the Center, on the mountains and in town. Here are some ideas from previous conferences.
  • Poster sessions and/or break–out sessions organized around a theme are interactive and when refreshments are offered at the Center (beer and pretzels or lunch/pizza dinner) participants take time to engage in deep conversations.
  • A 30–second sound bite over dessert and coffee during a group dinner at the Meadows early in the conference gives each participant an opportunity to describe his/her research.
  • Skiing is, of course, fantastic. 'Never–ever' and advanced group lessons can be arranged to accommodate your schedule. Lifts close between 3:30 and 4:00 pm.
  • A group lunch can be scheduled at one of the two mountain restaurants that can be reached both by foot traffic and skiers. It's about $30 for walkers on the gondola to the Sundeck on Aspen Mountain or the chair lift to the Cliff House on Buttermilk and both have sensational views. Just plan a time for everyone to meet. The non–skiers will love it, too. A Nastar 'fun race' can be arranged.
  • Cross–country skiing, a sleigh ride or walking to Pine Creek Cookhouse for lunch is a great experience in every kind of weather. It does take prior arrangements for transportation. The Aspen Cross–Country Center at the golf course also has a nice track and lunch. It's easy to get to and less of a commitment.
  • The opening reception at ACP and no-host dinners at suggested restaurants (with free appetizers) during the week provide further informal discussion time if organizers announce them.

    Suggestions From Previous Organizers

  • Breaks of 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon allow participants time to discuss the talks they've heard, use the restroom, have a snack. Shorter breaks leave little time to refresh.
  • In order to keep to your schedule, a timer has been used successfully to give speakers a two–minute warning to complete talks – and then moderators must be strict.