�I do think that my research this year will be improved and more inspired due to my attendance at Aspen and the Center has performed a valuable function in this regard. �

Register to Attend this Summer in Aspen

Registration Process

Once you receive your acceptance email from the Center you may register for the summer ACP program. You will need your ACP password to register. Click the link below to register. There is a link on the registration page to get your password and/or username if you have forgotten them. Registration is comprised of three pages: � a page to update your contact information if you haven't updated recently, a page to enter your housing and other visitation information, and a page about payment information.

Deposit Payment

The payment page contains information to pay online (have your credit card ready), by check, or by wire transfer. If you pay online and get a decline DO NOT TRY the same credit card again. Sometimes it does not really decline and you may be charged for the deposit amount for as many times as you attempt to pay. Call us at 970-925-2585 if you get a decline notification. If you are paying for someone else, be sure to indicate the physicist's name in the note box.

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Every summer participant who is accommodated by the Aspen Center for Physics receives the same amount of NSF support. Our published charges and fees reflect this contribution. There is a very limited amount of additional support from ACP's Trustee and Shaham funds for early��career foreign or domestic scientists (between $200 and $500 per physicist for a very limited number of participants). If you qualify in either of these categories, once you have received your summer acceptance, you may email jane at aspenphys.org to enquire if any funds might be available. Simons Foundation support recipients are designated by country in which they work and will be notified by email. One cannot apply for Simons support